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Nissan Diesel Tadano 3D Low-poly

realistic PBR low poly Nissan Diesel Tadano for use in VR/AR/ game assets or movies

the model is supper clean in typology

more than 155 objects, you can remove some internal parts if you need fewer polygons

textures are in 4096*4096 in raw format, compresse or resize as you want

compatible with Unity and Unreal

perfect for high render or Games Assets, VR / AR

high poly available please contact if you need any help

X-Ray Mobilett Mira and Mobilett Mira Max

Mobilett Mira and mobilett Mira Max is a fully digital mobile X-ray machine that helps to speed up the examination workflow. It makes mobile X-ray imaging effortless and fast, and with its powerful generator and MAX detectors provides outstanding image quality in seconds. Achieve mobile X-ray process efficiency with a digital companion that offers fast and reliable imaging results

2 version , the Mira and Mira Max , one simple , the second

with giraffe design for kids

very easy to adjust it to another version of siemens Mobilett

texture : 4096*4096 for each

infant Bioraptor


Bioraptors are highly aggressive and animalistic creatures capable of flight and are incredibly photosensitive, with even an artificial flashlight beam capable of severely burning their bodies

very low poly 3229/3285

supper clean typology (quads )

texture : 4096*4096

ready for rigging and animation

compatible with Unity and Unreal , please contact me for integration

The SERVO-i ventilator

The SERVO-i ventilator family addresses the very different requirements of neonatal, pediatric and adult needs from a single ventilation platform. The same ventilator can be used at the bedside, and in the MR-room* facilitating training,

Low poly models for VR / AR  or Animation , 3ds max for modeling and UVs , substance painter for texturing .